– Mission, Community & Programs

Our Mission

iyerhome is a mission- an ongoing attempt to delve into the history, trace the roots, portray the life of modern day Kerala Iyers, and chronicle the achievements of this community. It also intends to provide information on aspects such as local religious festivals, promote discussion forums & facilitate exchange of information.

In the modern era of a “global village”, Kerala Iyers have spread throughout the world. They believe in religion and co-operate among themselves in all aspects of life. Therefore they build and maintain Samooham Madams wherever they live. intends to erect a Net Samooham so that their lives would be enriched wherever they are in the world.

Our Community

Samooham – an integral part of any gramam/locale.samooham

It is essentially served as a meeting place and a local association for ritual, cultural & welfare activities. Last but not the least, yes of course, we do remember as kids, it was associated more with Sasthapreethi, Bharani-Kartigai Sadyai !!! With due respects to the Poojas that preceded the sadya, we all looked forward to those auspicious days.. to meet our friends & relatives. As you all can see, the essence of the concept is instill a sense of oneness among the members.We have heard of lot of famous samoohams, like the Paravoor Samooham, Vaikom Samooham, Tali samooham, etc. With the ever increasing spread of Pattars across the globe, why not we take advantage of the internet technology and have a Net Samooham.

With that objective, we exhort you to be a member of the Net Samooham, wherein you can exchange & listen to the free & frank discussions among pattars. The membership to the Net Samooham is FREE ! Joins us here.

Our Programs

Kerala Iyers Trust aims to catalyze socio-economic change in India by providing assistance in the spheres of education, health and welfare of underprivileged section of the society.donations

The current focus area of the Organization is the needy among the Kerala Iyers.

We urge you to involve yourself in the activities of the Trust and reach out to your brethren. Let us together do our duty to the society.

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to be the representatives of Kerala Iyers Trust in their local areas. Know more about KIT here.