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Gramam - Muvattupuzha

Location : Ernakulam District. 

This is a village consisting of about 50 Otta madams. There are settlers from Palakkad side as well as those from Tirunelveli in this village. Most of the Brahmins belong to middle class society. Mr. N Ramaswamy Iyer, who was an advocate by profession, started a business alongwith his brother Neelakanda Iyer in Muvattupuzha, probably one of the first pattar business clan in Kerala.The learned advocate argued a case for the then Shell company and won it for them. In return seeing his sincerity, the Europeans offered him the dealership of Shell, and the business started off with a Kerosene pump. Ramaswamy iyer was also a great philanthropist and helped all people to the maximum. The Maharaja of Rameshwaram, Sethupathy in recognition of Mr. Ramaswamy Iyer's contribution to the pattars, inscribed his name in the Rameshwaram Temple pillar, which can be seen even today. He was well known as a very religious man having very good relations with Muslims and Christians of this area. People regarded him with very high respect. There is a Ramamangalam Sivan Temple and a Vellore Krishnan temple in the village. Both are under the management of Devaswom. There is a Samooha Madam built by the Iyers in this village. The iyers together celebrate the Rama Navami by organizing music concerts.
Muvattupuzha is also very famous for the Puzhakkara Kavu Bhagavathy temple.All pattars from Muvattupuzha lay their children as "ADIMAI" in the puzhakkarakavu Temple.
Muvattupuzha is also the meeting point of three major rivers in Kerala namely Thodupuzha River, Kothamangalam River and Kaaliyar, and hence the name Muvattupuzha meaning "Confluence of three rivers" (Moonu AATTU PUZHA). 

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