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Kerala Iyers Trust aims to catalyze socio-economic change in India by providing assistance in the spheres of education, health and welfare of underprivileged section of the society. The current focus area of the Organization is the needy among the Kerala Iyers. We urge you to involve yourself in the activities of the Trust and reach out to your brethren. Let us together do our duty to the society. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to be the representatives of Kerala Iyers Trust in their local areas. Learn more about KIT.
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Gramam - Nochur

Location : Palakkad District.  This is a village between Palakkad and Kollengode. It had about 200 houses. There are two temples viz. Bhagavathi temple and Krishnan temple both managed by Kerala Iyers. Navarathri is celebrated in the village in a grand scale. The temple festival is on the first Friday of the month of Thai (January- February). Sri N.R.Subbarama Iyer who was the Chief Justice of Cochin high court belonged to this village. There were lots of eminent legal luminaries, which include Sri N.R.Krisha Iyer, Sri Ramaswamy iyer, Sri K.Viswanatha Iyer. The famous Tarakkad blind astrologer Swaminathan also belongs to this village. Sri. N.R.Subbaram an expert scientist who worked at Patent right Commissioner and who is at present a consu

Gramam - Muvattupuzha

Location : Ernakulam District.  This is a village consisting of about 50 Otta madams. There are settlers from Palakkad side as well as those from Tirunelveli in this village. Most of the Brahmins belong to middle class society. Mr. N Ramaswamy Iyer, who was an advocate by profession, started a business alongwith his brother Neelakanda Iyer in Muvattupuzha, probably one of the first pattar business clan in Kerala.The learned advocate argued a case for the then Shell company and won it for them. In return seeing his sincerity, the Europeans offered him the dealership of Shell, and the business started off with a Kerosene pump. Ramaswamy iyer was also a great philanthropist and helped all people to the maximum. The Maharaja of Rameshwaram, Sethupathy in recognition of Mr. Ramaswamy Iyer's contribution to the pattars, inscribed his name in the Rameshwaram Temple pillar, which can be seen even today.

Gramam - Melarkode

Location : Palakkad District.  Melarkode is located about 30kms from Palakkad town. It consists of three villages viz., the South Village, North Village and Chattuvakode. The north and south villages each have a ganapathy temple and the chattuvakode village has a shiva temple. The prathista in the chattuvakode Siva temple is "swayamboo". There are approximately 70-80 houses in the three villages combined. Melarkode was originally known as Mayilattoor (people of older generation still refer to this place by the latter name), probably because dancing (attam) peacocks (mayil) were a common sight here. One can still spot some peacocks in the hills adjoining our village. In North Village, "Utsavam" is celebrated every year during the month of May. It is a week long event whose major attactions are the Panchavadyam Ezhunnallathu and Aarattu on the final day. Natives of this village, spread all over India make it a point to be home du

Gramam - Monkombu

Location : Kuttanad, Alleppy District.  Monkombu, a naturally formed island, is a small village in the Kuttanad taluk in Alleppey district. It could be considered as the headquarters of the granary of Kerala. The village is blessed by the Goddess MONKOMBILAMMA (Mankombill Bhagavathi). The legend goes like this ...... a timber merchant was transporting logs of wood through the river Pamba towards Alleppey. It so happened that a log of mango tree got stuck into the shore and did not move. The merchant consulted the astrologers and found that the wood had the presence of Goddess Bhagvathi and decided to construct a temple, the place was then called as Monkombu ( derived from the Mavin - kombu ). Monkombu Garudan Thookam is

Gramam - Lakshminarayana Puram

Location : Palakkad District.  Laksminarayana Puram is one among the Eighteen Villages in the Palghat Town. Lakshminarayanapuram Village is one of the well known ancient villages in Palghat situated east of Kalpathy by the side of Palghat Puthur Malampuzha main road. This beautiful village with is two famous temples of Lord Gopalakrishna at the western extremity and Lord Subramanya at the southern extremity has held a unique fascination for those who have been living here for several decades and even for those who visit the village on some occasion or the other. It is difficult even for a casual visitor not to be impressed by the natural cleanliness of the village and the inexplicable tranquillity of the environment. It is a tribute to the village that they have been able to preserve the hoary tradition of the village for than three centuries. The tradition of the village has been the source of perennial comfort and inspiration to all those who hail from the vil

Gramam - Kudallur

Location : Palakkad District.  Kudallur is situated on the northern bank of river Gayathri, a tributary of Thripaallur River, which finally joins River Nila (BHARATHAPUZHA). The village is connected by bus service to Nemmara on the southern side of the river. This agraharam houses about ten brahmin families at present with the Non-Brahmins residing a little away from the agraharam, which has only two streets. Vaikath Matom is a prominent Brahmin family whose ancestors are said to have come here from Ambasamudram around 300 years ago. Of the families, two branches of Vaikath Matom excel the others in the high degree of erudition of their children. This house takes pride in their children-not less than ten contributing to Software technology in the U.S.A. There is a small neat temple with a sevellipura in the front and a temple tank nearby. The presiding deity is Karthiyayani Amman. In the month of November on

Gramam - Koduvayur

Location : Palakkad District.  It is a village situated about 10 km away from Palakkad town. There are four streets that were housing exclusively Brahmins in this village. The streets are New Street, Gokula Street, Corner street (Mukku theruvu) and Double (Retta theruvu) Street. There are three temples managed by Iyers in this village viz. Sree Krishna Temple, Sree Viswanatha Swamy Temple and Sree Ganapathy temple. There is also a temple of Keralathappan, whose idol is supposed to have been damaged by Tipu sultan during his raid. The folk tales say that the prathishta Lingam of Viswanatha and that of Visalakshi were brought to the village from Kasi. The Pooja in this temple is by Kurukkal. The car festival is celebrated during the